About Us

Making women feel beautiful in their bodies every day
by helping them find clothes that actually fit

Revelle was founded with a simple mission: make women feel beautiful in their bodies every day by helping them find clothes that actually fit, NOT by making them shop more. 

Traditional clothing sizing was created in a straight, linear line, but women’s bodies are infinitely complex and unique. For too long women have been expected to force their bodies to mold to this traditional size structure, when the brands out there don’t even do so themselves. Different brands are cut to different shapes, and every woman has her own unique perspective for how she wants her clothes to fit her body. Revelle was created to address the fact that women have dealt with these frustrating inconsistencies for far too long. With thousands of brands in existence, more accessible than ever before through e-commerce, it’s become clear that the fashion industry has been ignoring the true complexity of women and their bodies. And we’ve accepted it. Until now

Today Revelle is here to help you feel empowered to explore new brands, trends, and styles without fear of feeling that there is nothing out there to serve your unique body. We hope to help women rediscover the joy of shopping and to connect with other women who have experienced the same frustrations.

With Revelle, we’ve created a shopping experience just for YOU and your body. Tell us what you love, what you hate, and what you want to see more of, and Revelle will grow with you to build your own personalized experience. 

We at Revelle promise to do everything we can to earn your trust as we work to accomplish this mission — we promise to listen, to learn, and to grow alongside you as we take this journey together.

Please join the Nation today, and be a part of reshaping the future of retail. 

With Love,

“Every woman has her own unique preferences for how she wants her clothes to fit her body. Revelle will create a personalized shopping experience for YOU, and you alone.”

Meet our Founder

JoAnna Hartzmark is the Founder and CEO of Revelle, an e-commerce brand sitting at the cutting edge of fashion and technology. JoAnna is a champion of women, serving as a change agent to facilitate meaningful success in their lives. JoAnna’s empowering work has been applauded in press outlets such as Forbes, spotlighting her expertise in solving the unique challenges that sit at the intersection of tech and humanity. 

JoAnna attended Carnegie Mellon University and obtained her MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Ever since she was a young girl, her family lovingly nicknamed her a “change maven” because of her innate ability to adapt and connect with others in new situations. It was no surprise that she pursued a degree in Decision Science so she could further understand the way consumers behave and pivot in an increasingly digital world. 

JoAnna began her career in financial services before transitioning into luxury retail, where she supported teams at Gucci and Ralph Lauren as an e-commerce analyst. As her career shifted through various industries, JoAnna had the ultimate realization that female-focused brands were not doing their part to solve female-focused problems. It was then that Revelle was born out of her desire to address this glaring disconnect. Charged by her passion for change, Revelle is rejecting the norms of building a traditional “fashion” company and transforming the way women shop online.

“I built Revelle with the mission of adding value to women’s lives every day.”

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