8 Body Positive Influencers We Love

8 Body Positive Influencers We Love To Follow

We can ALL agree that social media is a little dicey for self-confidence sometimes… right? It seems like everywhere we turn there are ads for weight-loss products, retouched models, photoshopped images…. The list goes on. That’s why we are HUGE fans of being intentional about who you follow and the content you consume. And we LOVE following body positive influencers that promote self confidence and loving ourselves. 

Let’s dive into some of our favorites, shall we?

8 Body Positive, Self-Love Advocates We LOVE Following

If you’re looking for some confidence-inspiring ladies to follow, we got your back. Here are 8 we love!

1. Mik Zazon

If you ever need an example of what it looks like to be kind to yourself, head over to Mik’s Instagram. She’s constantly showing up, being honest about her mental health and body image, and uplifting her followers. Most, if not all, of her captions include really important reminders (like the fact that you don’t have to burn off the food you eat over the holidays) and motivational messages about loving your body.

2. Katie Sturino

We will never be done singing Katie’s praises. I mean, she hosts a podcast called the BoobSweat pod… it doesn’t get more real-life than her. She’s always talking about overcoming body insecurity and giving tips about how to handle it (like how to ask for a bigger size robe at the spa or how to talk to your family about body shaming over the holidays). We’re so grateful that she keeps it real and shares her life experiences with us! As if that wasn’t enough, she’s the founder of Megababe (a beauty company that makes products that tackle taboo body topics… like chafing sticks and body sweat powder).

3. Alex Light

Although we knowwww it’s already in her name, Alex Light really is a positive light on social media. She breaks down toxic diet culture and helps you recognize unhealthy, negative thoughts. On top of her body positive content, she also posts fashion and funny IG Reels. We can’t recommend enough! P.S. You might recognize her company Light LDN from our Holiday Gift Guide. They’re a clothing brand that sells sustainably sourced pieces in inclusive sizes.

4. Gabi Mahan

Gabi is a long-time favorite follow for Revelle… and for great reason! She promotes body respect, eating disorder awareness, and is always sharing personal stories so that we feel less alone. We’re in-awe of her bravery and love the tips she shares (like how to handle a bad body image day and how to start the ED recovery process).

5. Jessamyn

Yoga lovers, listen up! Jessamyn is a yoga teacher, author, content creator, and the co-founder of The Under Belly Yoga. Whew. She’s SO fun to follow for so many reasons. She’s always sharing new yoga poses to try, de-stigmatizing what different sized bodies look like naked, and calling out fatphobia. We’re here for it all.

6. Sarah Nicole Landry

Sarah is our favorite dose of honesty, realness, and mom-life inspo! She actually started as a craft blogger, but now she shares her everyday life and experience with her post-birth body. (Don’t worry, there are still a few crafts and home decor hacks thrown in the mix!).

7. Lucy Mountain

We could write a book about how much we love Lucy’s content. She’s the founder of a fitness app (that’s unlike any other fitness app!), and she helps you unpack your unhealthy relationship with diet and fitness through her entertaining videos. If you’re looking for realistic workouts, to break down diet culture, and a good laugh… follow her. Thank us later!

8. Jaimmy Koroma

Jaimmy is a self-love queen and we’re obsessed with her account. Whether she’s recreating trendy outfits on her plus-size figure or sharing tips for self-love… She brings so much light and positivity to our feed. Thank you Jaimmy!

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