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How To Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans (+10 of our favorite pairs)

Everything you need to know to embrace the classic combo with confidence.

There’s nothing quite like a jean and ankle bootie combo to take you from day to night in comfort AND style. Below, we’re breaking down the frequently asked questions about styling this dynamic duo.   

What kind of jeans work best with ankle boots?

Skinny jeans are a no-brainer here since they hug your body from hips to thighs to knees to calves to ankles. As the most snug of all the types of jeans out there, they’re often made with material that has some stretch to it. 

Depending on fit, straight leg jeans could also work here. They’re a close cousin to skinny jeans, with the main difference being the width of the hem. As you’d guess from the name, straight leg jeans don’t taper inward at the ankles. Instead, the hem remains straight from hip to ankle for a comfortable, vintage-esque silhouette with more breathing room. In this case, you’d want the jeans to end just above the top of your ankle boots.

And last but not least, bootcut jeans! Also known as slim fit, bootcut earned its name when cowboys (circa 1850ish) needed pants that’d allow them to ride horses with enough calf space to fit their boots. In this case, your jeans will likely cover the top of your ankle boots (unless they’re cropped), which is totally okay! This will also be the case with wide leg jeans, which are a viable option for boots as well.

Should I roll my jeans with ankle boots?

Not necessarily. If your skinny jeans fall to the right spot on your ankles, you don’t necessarily need to roll them since any extra fabric will naturally gather towards the bottom in the boot. And for straight leg jeans, they should end around the top of the boot anyway, so you don’t need to roll or go cuffing in order to create that extra space.

What about tucking in my skinny jeans? Do I need to do that?

It depends on how snug your skinny jeans are. Some don’t require any tucking since they’ll naturally hug your ankles while others can do with a gentle tuck into a pair of socks so they don’t begin bunching over the course of the day. 

5 best skinny jeans to wear with ankle boots

Designed for 5’4” and under frames, this snug pair of skinny jeans from NYDJ has the added bonus of Lift Tuck® technology for extra shaping that pairs beautifully with ankle boots. If you’re between sizes, we recommend ordering one size down. 

NYDJ petite ami skinny tummy-control jeans_best jeans for tummy control_revelle

If you combine the sleek look of jeans with the pull-on, stretch comfort of leggings, this is what you get. Mind you, these aren’t jeggings per se, but they do have a pull-on style with a high-rise tummy-toner design that we L-O-V-E. Because they rest just above the ankles, you won’t need to struggle to tuck ‘em into ankle boots

seven7 jeans plus tummy toner skinny jeans_best jeans for tummy control_revelle

When you hear “super skinny jeans,” you know they’ll work well with ankle booties (and over-the-knee boots as well). Plus, the distressed dark wash hue is as versatile as it gets. 

Hudson Centerfold Extreme High-Rise Super Skinny Jeans_best jeans for ankle boots_revelle

Everlane uses fabric with a high elasticity rate, which means you get all the style of a skinny fit but with a touch more comfort. These are just shy of ankle length, so they’ll sit above the ankle boot

Everlane The Authentic Stretch Mid-Rise Skinny Jean_best jeans for ankle boots_revelle

When you combine shredded knees with faded denim, the result is a distressed look that adds an extra oomph to this skinny-leg silhouette — a look that’s practically begging to be paired with ankle booties.

Mother The Stunner Distressed Skinny Jeans_best jeans for ankle boots_revelle

5 best straight leg jeans to wear with ankle boots

We love the high-rise-meets-ankle-skimming hem of these straight leg jeans, available on Nordstrom Rack. They’re 99% cotton and just 1% elastane, so expect lots of durability with just a liiiiiiiitle bit of stretch. Between sizes? We recommend going one size up. 

Joe’s High-Rise Straight-Leg Ankle Jeans_best jeansf or ankle boots_revelle

The tummy-control cut is designed with built-in waistline panels for a smoother silhouette. And while no one (read: NO ONE) needs tummy-control jeans, if it will help you feel more confident and beautiful in your body, we’re all for it. This pair of black jeans from NYDJ has an inseam of approximately 30” and sits high up on the waist (9 ¾”).

NYDJ Sheri Tummy-Control Slim Straight-Leg Jeans_best jeans for ankle boots_revelle

NYDJ earns another mention on our list of top straight leg jeans for a pair of ankle boots courtesy of this *slightly* edgy pair with O-ring zippers, tonal stitching, and back patch pockets.

NYDJ Marilyn Hip Zip Straight Jeans In Glory_best jeans for ankle boots_revelle

Despite its name, this pair of jeans is best worn, in our humble opinion, with a pair of black ankle boots. T-shirt. Maybe a blazer. Et voilà, you’ve got yourself a trendy, stylist-approved look.

Sam Edelman Denim The Stiletto Distressed Straight-Leg Jeans_best jeans for ankle boots_revelle

Made with 4-way stretch denim with built-in recovery, these Lola jeans certainly err on the snug side, which make them PERFECT for a block heel ankle boot.

Lola Jeans Mid-Rise Straight Jeans_best jeans for ankle boots_revelle

You want to know what else you can wear in cold weather seasons? White jeans. Yep, we said it. Here’s why we think they’re a safe bet any time of year.

Revelle is on a mission to make women feel beautiful in their bodies every day by helping them find clothes that actually FIT, and we only feature jeans we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that the recommended straight leg pants are based on availability as of the date the article was published. You can always get personalized recommendations by joining our community. Also, if you do purchase something by clicking on a link, we may receive a small commission.

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