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Dispatch From The Founder: Fall Edition

Hello and happy fall to the amazing women of Revelle! I can’t believe October is almost over, but instead of complaining that the end of summer went by too quickly (it did tho!) I’m trying to enjoy walks in the lovely crisp fall air before winter officially makes its entrance. 

I won’t lie to you, it’s been a pretty chaotic few months and I’ve been more stressed than ever lately. Sitting down to write this letter to you all is a great opportunity for me to take a step back, reset, and remind myself that we all need to rest sometimes. Something tells me that a lot of you might need a similar reminder, so let this serve as one for you too — taking a break is productive, not a luxury to be ignored.

What’s Happening at Revelle HQ

There’s so much going on at Revelle HQ I don’t even know where to begin (there’s that chaos I was talking about…). We’re making so many exciting changes to level up Revelle’s experience for each of you every day — have you had a chance to check out our new site yet?! I love hearing what you’re all thinking of it so far. 

But looking forward, I’ve been dying to tell you all about something new we’re trying this year that we’ve NEVER done before. For the first time ever you’re going to be able to experience a little slice of Revelle HQ in person! We’re beyond thrilled to be partnering with Showfields in Miami to bring the first ever in-person Revelle experience to life. Throughout the holidays, you can visit their amazing space on Lincoln Road to learn more about Revelle — not to mention to also check out some other incredible female-founded brands that they’ll be showcasing alongside us. 

Stay tuned for sneak peaks of what the space will look like, and for our amazing Miami members keep an eye out for events and even visits from me down in the store this winter!

What I’m Thinking About

Oh my goodness where to begin — midterm elections are looming, insane drama during fashion week, Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl?! There’s simply too much to keep up with lately (happy belated Taylor Swift album release to all who celebrate — I haven’t had a chance to listen yet but I can’t wait to hear it!)

On top of everything else happening in the world, the holidays are approaching. At Revelle we know that what is *hopefully* a very joyous time also has hidden thorns.

I won’t lie to you, I absolutely love the holidays. I love the way New York City comes alive with lights. I love decorating with crazy ornaments that only I find funny. And I love any excuse to get dressed up and be merry with friends and family. Last year I spent the two weeks around (and including) Christmas in isolation with Covid, so this year I’m looking forward to (safely) going overboard with my celebrations. 

But with Thanksgiving only a month away, the subtle hints have already started — people asking how I’ll avoid gaining weight with so many celebrations on the calendar (spoiler: none of their business, and I also probably won’t avoid it); emails spamming me with pre-holiday diets to combat the inevitable “holiday pounds” (ugh, don’t get me started); marketing blasts trying to sell me things I don’t need that will apparently ruin my holiday cheer if I don’t buy them. 

I love getting caught up in the collective spirit of the holidays, but it’s hard to avoid the underlying hints of negativity looming behind every extra Christmas cookie or potato latke (ugh, my absolute favorite). 

So even though it’s early, I want to send you a reminder NOW that you get to enjoy the holidays. Period. Your beauty shines from your own incredible spirit… and the joy you bring to friends and family is all that matters this year. Eat the cookies if you want them, don’t if you’re not in the mood. Enjoy every minute of celebrating with people you love and smack any voice that tells you otherwise away as fast as you can. 

Easier said than done, right? So I’ll end this diatribe with a few things that I personally do to stay grounded during the holiday season: 

  • I try to move my body every day — I tend to lose my regular workout routine when I’m home with family, so instead of beating myself up about it I focus on getting a little movement in every day because it makes me feel more energized and, frankly, more myself.
  • I meditate — One thing I won’t give up over the holidays is the few minutes I take right when I wake up every morning to focus my mind. I used to be a meditation skeptic but have learned over the past few years as a business owner that mental agility is one of the greatest superpowers I can hone, so I’ll take any advantage I can find.
  • I let myself get insanely excited about my favorite holiday treats — my mom makes the best Chanukah latkes in the world (I’m sure your mom’s are great too, but I will defend my mom’s cooking to the end of the earth), and every year my cousin ships me my own personal tin of Christmas cookies that she knows are my absolute favorites (spoiler: one of them has Reese’s cups baked directly into them omg). I let myself get excited about these amazing treats and leave the guilt trip at home. This helps me focus, and really enjoy, the treats that I love most. And pass on the ones that aren’t really my cup of tea anyway (sorry if you love eggnog, just not my jam).

I’ll check in with you all soon (and stop by and say hi at Showfields if you’re down in Miami!), but in the meantime have the most incredible fall! I’m wishing you all the holiday cheer as we head into the season. 



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