Questions About Revelle? We’ve Got Answers.

All your frequently asked questions about Revelle, all in one place. 

01 What is Revelle?

Overwhelmed by options when you browse? Sick of navigating every brand’s size chart? Revelle is a new way to shop online. 

When you sign into your Revelle account, you immediately enter your own personal online store filled only with jeans we think will fit you the way you want. At Revelle, we don’t rely on the inconsistent size chart — which is incredibly arbitrary and differs brand-by-brand. Instead we focus on your body shape to determine which clothes will fit you best, and then we let you know which size we think would be the right fit based on what we know about your unique body. 

This way, you can find jeans online that fit *the first time* and that make you feel the most beautiful and confident in your body when you get dressed every day.

02 How does Revelle work?

  1. Complete your Fitting to create an account
    Answer some questions about your beautiful body so that we can work our magic (and by magic, we mean technology), to create your personal store. Creating an account is completely free, and means that you will always be able to access your store with the most up-to-date recommendations and inventory. 

  2. Explore your personal store!
    Once you’ve created your account — and anytime you sign in after that — you’ll enter your personal store that we curate full of jeans that we think will fit you just the way you want. If you find a pair you love, click on the details to see what size we recommend you buy based on your unique body and fit preferences. No two stores are the same since everyone has a different body shape and style preferences.

  3. Help us personalize your jean picks
    The more you like (heart) and dislike (broken heart) jeans, the better we’ll get to know your tastes, preferences, and style. This helps us constantly improve your personal store to make sure it’s full of jeans you’ll love!

  4. Buy jeans that make you feel beautiful
    And be sure to let us know!! We love hearing from our community on social media. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest — or shoot us an email at  

03What can I find in my personal store?

It’s here where you’ll find your personalized collection of jean recommendations based on your answers in your Fitting. The goal? Help you feel empowered to explore new brands, trends, and styles without fear of feeling that there’s nothing out there to serve your unique body. 

There are few sections to explore: 

  • Your Recommendations
    Think of this as your curated home base — every time you like/dislike jeans or answer more questions, this page will update. No two recommendations pages are the same since they’re entirely personalized to YOUR tastes, fit preferences, body, and budget. At any time, you can click on the “Shop” drop-down in order to refine your search by filter…more on that below. 

  • Your Profile
    Want to update your responses from your Fitting? This is the place to do it. The more “All About You” questions you answer, the better your recommendations will be. Remember, this can be updated at any time!

  • Your Closet
    All your “liked” jeans, all in one place. 

  • Shop
    Under this drop-down, you’ll see three options:
    1. Shop Your Recommendations
    2. Shop Users Like You 
    3. Shop All
    In all three, you can run an advanced search and filter by price, brand, style, color, rise, stretch, and whether jeans are on sale or not. 

  • Jean Details Page
    After clicking on a specific pair of jeans, you’ll see a details page with information on size — not only WHAT size we recommend but WHY. This is based on the information you provided when completing your Fitting, specifically whether you prefer looser or tighter fits. That information, combined with our intel on what brands run true to size, small, or large, impacts the size we recommend for you. 

04 How do you decide which jeans and which sizes to recommend for me?

The jeans in your personal store are based on your preferred brands and budget, along with your body shape — these are all things we’ll ask you about in your Fitting. 

When it comes to size, our recommendations (including WHAT size we recommend and WHY) are based on whether you prefer looser or tighter fits. This, combined with our intel on what brands run true to size, small, or large, impacts the size we recommend for you.

05 Why did you decide to focus on body shape and not size?

How often have you had to buy two or three (or four) sizes of the same garment because you just DON’T know what size you are? And even if one of them technically fits you properly and is the “correct” size of that particular item, you still didn’t like how it falls on your body? That’s the crux of the problem — we’re not just talking about size. We’re talking about SHAPE. 

Every brand is cut for a slightly different variation of the female body shape, and it really is just the brand’s own arbitrary choice how they size their clothing. So we’re at a disadvantage from the start, because no brand openly announces the body shape they use as the foundation for their clothing.

Plus, “fit” isn’t nearly as simple and linear as the size chart would lead us to believe. We’re talking about a complex combination of factors — how a garment is cut, its fabric, its style, not to mention how you happen to be feeling about your body that day. All of these factors (and many, many more) all contribute to whether or not a garment “fits” our bodies. 

The size chart is overly simplistic, reductive, and arbitrary — we don’t have to tell you that it varies wildly brand by brand. Who was it that decided that a linear progression of numbers that has NO relation to the actual measurements of any part of a woman’s body was the best solution here? Our bodies are incredibly complex and varied, which is what makes us all so uniquely beautiful. And that is precisely why, here at Revelle, we focus on shape rather than size.


06 Why am I seeing a pair of jeans in my store that’s sold out or not available in my size?

While we try our best to showcase the latest inventory available, ultimately we’re at the mercy of the brands themselves. This means that sometimes a pair of jeans sells out entirely, or that certain sizes become unavailable. As soon as the brand let’s us know, we make this change on our end, but sometimes they don’t let us know right away. That’s why you occasionally may come across a pair of jeans that’s either sold out or not available in your size.

07 Does it cost anything to sign up for Revelle?

Nope! It’s entirely free to complete your Fitting and access your personal store. If you decide to purchase a pair of jeans through Revelle, you only pay the listed price (just like you would if you didn’t find the jeans through our site)…we never charge anything more.

08 Wait, so then how do you make money?

If you do purchase a pair of jeans through your personal Revelle store, we’ll receive a commission from the retailer. This helps us be able to continue building Revelle with YOU in mind, but it doesn’t cost you anything!

09 Are you hiring?

Are you passionate about making women feel beautiful in their bodies by helping them find clothes that actually fit? Our small but scrappy team is always eager to meet smart women (and men!) who believe in Revelle’s mission as much as we do. So feel free to send us a note introducing yourself ( We look forward to chatting. 

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