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Dispatch From The Founder, New Year’s Edition

What founder JoAnna Hartzmark is wearing and thinking about — plus, what’s happening at the Revelle HQ.

Hellooooo lovely ladies of Revelle! JoAnna here. I can’t believe we’re almost a month into 2022 — where does the time go?!

I wanted to say a quick hello and give you an update on all the amazing things happening at Revelle HQ. It’s a new year and a new era for the company (we turn 2 in a few months!), and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.

What I'm wearing

If the end of 2021 was all about reclaiming my sense of style after a year of sweatpants, then 2022 is going to be about discovering new aspects of my style that I’ve never tried before. I personally hate falling into a rut of wearing the same uniform every day, so instead I’ve been thinking about each day as showing off a different facet of my personality — one day I might be rocker chic with my studded combat boots (#IYKYK), and the next leaning preppy with a sweater vest over skinny jeans (Maddy in the office called my look that day “equestrian chic”). 

Today I’m trying a totally different vibe with a pair of slouchy mint green corduroy jeans from Reformation (sadly, they’re sold out…but there are lots of other pants here!) and a new pair of classic black boots that I got as a gift over the holidays.

I decided to cuff the jeans even though they’re probably not meant to be folded that way (I’m firmly in the “no rules” camp of dressing) because I’m still so obsessed with these boots that I want to show them off on every occasion.

I paired it all with a turtleneck bodysuit — I’m sure you all know by now that I love a good bodysuit and find it’s an underrated basic with so much versatility.

young woman on the streets of nyc wearing a black long sleeve and mint jeans_joanna hartzmark_revelle

What I’m thinking about

I really wish this new year could really feel like a new beginning — for Revelle, for my personal life, and for all us — but the truth is the looming cloud of Covid still lingers over us and Omicron really showed us this past month just how precarious our “new normal” was. But instead of letting a sense of gloom set over me, and the company, I decided to take a different approach this new year. Confession: I hate new year’s resolutions. I’m a firm believer that we should always be trying to grow and find new challenges, so waiting until January and only thinking about new beginnings once a year never sat well with me. And the fact that marketers tend to use those new year’s resolutions as ploys to shove diet culture down our throats makes my distaste of this particular month run even deeper. 

But this January, I thought less about my own animosity towards the “new year” mentality and more about our collective experience as a community. The benefit of the new year is that it’s an artificial time that we’ve all decided to reflect — together. And I saw real joy in that this year. So I’m thinking less about the next challenge I want to tackle, and more about what we can all do together as a community to grow while navigating these murky waters. These past (almost) two years have exposed how important our sense of connection to one another is and how lonely it can feel to be cut off from each other. So this new year I resolve (ugh) to find new ways for us to connect, collaborate, and share — through the Revelle community as well as in my own personal life. 

What’s happening at Revelle HQ

I tried to bring my sense of this unique new year into the Revelle office this year, so you’ll hear me talk a lot about how we’re all hoping to work together and collaborate with one another as a team, but also with you all as our community. My dislike of new year’s resolutions stems from my fundamental belief that every day has the potential to be the start of something amazing, not just January 1. So instead of giving us a single starting point, we’re all working as a team to foster a new mentality of constant growth, periodic change, and heightened collaboration. 

What this means for you as our members is that you’ll see more exciting changes than ever before. But you’ll also hear from us more often to ask how you’re liking the changes, hear what you might want to see next, and make sure that everything we’re building is really adding value to your life every day. We heard that you all wanted better ways to shop by price, so we added new ways to browse by price point in your personal store. But then we went a step further and added a new ‘deals’ section into your store so that you can not only shop by price, but also see what discounts and deals your favorite brands are offering today that might help you save even more money. 

These are the types of changes we want you to see more of in the coming months, and even more than before we’re eager to hear from you on how we can make Revelle a destination for you to find the perfect pair of jeans, every time with confidence. Shoot us an email ( or DM (@revellenation) and let us know what you’ve been hoping we’ll add to the experience — you might just see it in my next update!

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