Holiday Gift Guide Body Positive Brands

Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Body Positive Brands We’re Shopping

We can’t believe the holiday season is already here… but we are so excited! One of the things we love about this time of year is giving gifts to those we love. So we obviously had to put together a gift guide highlighting some of our favorite brands. More importantly, we’re highlighting our favorite body positive brands. Here at Revelle, we care a LOT about uplifting women and inspiring confidence. We believe every body should be celebrated. And as our readers, we know you do too! 

We’re so excited to share this guide so you can shop for super cute gifts from brands that share your values.

Holiday Gift Guide: Body Positive Brands Edition

Check out our top gift selections from these body positive, inclusive, and confidence-inspiring brands. We love these brands and we know you will too! 

If you purchase any of these gifts for loved ones (or yourself… we won’t tell!), let us know on social media. We’d love to get ready for the holiday season with you!

We could write an entire blog post on all the things we LOVE about Aerie. They’re leaders of the self-love and body positivity movement in the fashion industry and we love supporting them. Aerie works with models of all different body shapes, sizes, races, and ethnicities. They don’t retouch images of their models… so no airbrushing or photoshop. You can actually see their curves, stretch marks, and cellulite (refreshing, right?). Not to mention, ALL of Aerie’s clothes, bras, undies, and swimsuits are extremely soft and comfy. You can’t go wrong with a gift from Aerie for the homebody on your list!

Aerie Flannel PJ Shirt

Aerie Flannel Pajama Shirt

Aerie Quarter Sip Sweater

Aerie Fairisle Quarter Zip Sweater

AE offline ruched leggings

OFFLINE By Aerie High Waisted Ruched Legging

There are few things we love as much as body positive influencers (we need more people promoting positive body image and women’s empowerment on social media, right?). Megababe is a bodycare brand that was started by body positivity influencer, Katie Sturino. They make cute and effective products that tackle “taboo” body topics (like sweating and chafing… which are things we all deal with, so we LOVE that Megababe tackles them!). Their products make perfect stocking stuffers and very practical gifts. We’ll be adding Megababe to our wishlist!


Rosy Pits Deoderant


Body Dust Duo

Power Wash Rosy

Le Tush Butt Mask

Le Tush Butt Mask


ABLE is a women’s accessories and clothing brand based in Nashville, TN that prides themselves on offering ethically sourced items. Since their founding, they’ve given women across the world access to secure jobs… and as of today, women make up more than 90% of their staff! More recently, they’ve committed to expanding their offerings to be even more size inclusive and will offer up to 5XL by fall 2023. In an effort to encourage all brands to be more inclusive, they released their “road map” for how they’ve increased their range of sizes. THE BEST PART? They offer a size swap collection, so that you can exchange your pieces for different sizes as your body grows and changes. We love the idea of supporting ABLE this holiday season and we hope you do too!




4. Girlfriend Collective

Activewear lovers, watch out! If you haven’t heard of Girlfriend Collective we’re about to rock your world. They make activewear using recycled materials and ethical manufacturing… AND they care deeply about representation and promoting positive body-image. They believe health and wellness can look like a LOT of different sizes and shapes (a message that’s very important to us too). Plus, they offer different inseam lengths and sizes ranging from XXS to 6XL.


Moss Compressive Pocket Legging


Dewdrop FLOAT Ultralight Skort


The Crew Sock 5-Pack


black paloma racerback dress

We aren’t playing favorites but jeans are Revelle’s specialty and we’re huge fans of Khloe Kardashian’s brand, Good American. From day one, they’ve been committed to inclusivity, especially when it comes to women’s sizing. For every item on their website, they include photos of models from three different size ranges. And to that, we say, thank you Good American! It’s so important to see yourself reflected in a brand’s models.

Good American Good Waist Distressed Skinny Jeans_11zon

Good Waist Distressed Skinny Jeans

Good American Good Legs Skinny Jeans in Black_11zon

Good Legs Skinny Jeans in Black

Mary Young is a fashion brand on a mission. They produce activewear, lingerie, and loungewear for every body. Mary Young was started to fill a gap in the intimates industry and make pieces that everyone feels confident in. In addition to utilizing environmentally friendly materials and ethical production, they have a “self love club” on their website. It’s a hub of articles about self love and serves an online community.

Effie Crop in Sage Rib

Arlin Bodysuit in Black

Arlin Bodysuit in Black

Backless Thong Bodysuit

Backless Thong Bodysuit in Dusty Rose

When it comes to inclusive beauty brands, Fenty is at the top of our list! They changed the beauty industry by offering a wide range of shades and promoting the brand with inclusive campaigns. Because of their commitment to having shades for everyone, they now offer over 50 shades of foundation! Make sure Fenty is on your radar this holiday season for the beauty lover in your life.

Fenty Beauty Body Butter


Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss Trio


Fenty Beauty Travel Skincare Set


We love Modcloth and are so excited to tell you why. Their purpose is to help destroy the narrative about the “perfect female body.” They eliminated their plus-size category (because why do larger sizes need to have their own category?!), stopped retouching their photos, and they always showcase diverse models in their campaigns. We’re obsessed.

ModCloth Holiday Confetti Sleep Shirt

Holiday Confetti Sleep Shirt

ModCloth Festive Frenchie Graphic Pullover Sweater

Festive Frenchie Graphic Pullover Sweater

Send Cocktails Santa Kitchen Towel

Send Cocktails, Santa Cotton Tea Towel

SKIMS is a shapewear brand that was originally to provide more shades of shapewear to women of color. Since its founding, SKIMS has expanded into swimwear, loungewear, pajamas, and lingerie! The SKIMS runway shows, product photography, and campaign photos consistently include people of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds.. And we love them for it!

SKIMS Cotton Rib Onesie


SKIMS Velour Wrap Sleep Set


SKIMS Cozy Knit Unisex Jogger


Dove has been on a mission to boost womens’ confidence for over a decade. You might remember their Self-Esteem Project or one of their MANYYY touching (and inspiring!) commercials. More recently, they’ve been taking action against racism and hair discrimination, which starts for girls of color as young as five years old. Consider supporting their many initiatives by adding Dove products to your wish list this holiday season (they’re perfect stocking stuffers!).

Dove Hair Mask

Mineral Hair Mask Smoothes + Pink Clay

Dove Body Love Hand Cream

Body Love Sensitive Care Hand Cream

Add Jeans You Love To Your Wishlist

At Revelle, we like to think of ourselves as jean experts. We know that a woman’s body isn’t defined by one body shape. That’s why we use our algorithm to find the best jeans for your individual proportions. So whether you order mom jeans, jeggings, or wide-leg jeans, you know they’ll fit the first time you try them on.

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