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August 26, 2019

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How often do you buy multiple sizes of a dress because you’re not sure which one is going to fit you best? Or pants, or a top, or ANYTHING??

How often, even after buying multiple sizes, do you still feel like the dress (pants, top, my existence) doesn’t suit your body?

Well I’m sick of it. 


I’m sick of retailers taking women’s bodies for granted. Sick of businesses capitalizing on our insecurities, when they should be listening to the millions of women out there who are saying we’re not satisfied with what they’re selling. 

So I’ve drawn my line in the sand, and I’m reclaiming my body and my beauty. Starting now.

And I’d like to bring you along with me.

“How often, even after buying multiple sizes, do you still feel like the dress doesn’t suit your body? Well I’m sick of it.”

I’m Revelle, or at least that’s what you can call me. My name really isn’t that important, because the truth is I represent all of you. All of the women who have sat down and cried in a dressing room after trying on the twentieth pair of jeans that they couldn’t pull over their thighs. The women who looked down at their drooping breasts and wondered how on earth anyone has the guts to go braless. The women who stared longingly at OTHER women, convinced that if they just looked like *her*, then they would be happier, or healthier, or more desirable, or [insert literally any emotion here]. 

I’m done accepting that this is how we’re supposed to feel about ourselves, so I’m doing my part to change the narrative. Consider me your spokesperson, your confidant, your shield, and your cheerleader. I’m here to amplify your voice — every voice — so that the people in charge can no longer just sit idly by and ignore us. 

Because the truth is that we didn’t get ourselves into this mess in the first place. This situation — this feeling that we as women are not good enough, that we don’t deserve to feel beautiful — is something we’ve been told over and over again by everyone around us.

I’ve decided to focus on retail brands themselves, because for too long we’ve let them dictate the ‘norms’ that our bodies are supposed to fit into, when it should be the other way around. 

We’re supposed to accept their illusion that our bodies fall into this simple linear pattern of 2,4,6,8,10,12 (stopping before even hitting the vast majority of *actual* women’s bodies), when the truth is that women’s bodies aren’t linear. They think that if they let us order two or three sizes at a time and give us free returns (don’t even get me started on the brands that don’t offer free returns), we won’t notice that half the time none of the sizes look good on us anyway?? No thank you. I’m over it.

So let’s start a revolution, or at least a conversation, about how completely ridiculous this is. My goal is to feature content that helps you — ALL WOMEN — navigate this maze of absurdity that they’ve created. I’ll try to highlight areas of frustrations and propose solutions. I’ll try to draw attention to some of the brands that are actually doing their part to make women feel beautiful. But most importantly, I’ll try to give you a louder voice in the conversation. 

And that’s my promise to you. I promise to listen. I’ll listen to your stories, your grievances, your moments of joy, and your moments of pain. Because the only way to make a difference here is to do it together.

I’m here for you, and I’m listening, so tell me what you need.

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Greetings from Revelle

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