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How To Style An Oversized Shirt With Jeans: 10 Outfit Ideas

At Revelle, we love to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and give you allllll the style inspo along the way! Today we’re talking about oversized clothing (spoiler alert, we’re obsessed!). We love the baggy jeans trend and have noticed oversized shirts all over social media now too (we know you’ve seen those oversized button-up shirts on Instagram!). Naturally, we scoured the internet for our favorite outfit ideas so that you can learn how to style an oversized shirt with jeans too.

How To Style An Oversized Shirt With Jeans: 10 Outfit Ideas

01Wear an oversized top with jeggings

Take your athleisure look up a notch by swapping your leggings out for jeggings or skinny jeans. Jeggings are typically made with stretch denim (a blend of cotton and spandex) so they’ll be just as comfy, we promise!

02 Opt for wide-leg jeans

Not only are wide-leg jeans trendy right now, but they have an inherently undone, stylish look about them (just like oversized shirts). Tuck your oversized button-down into your blue jeans and add your favorite accessories. P.S. This look is a great work outfit!

03 Add a shirt dress

Level up your oversized look by wearing a white button-down shirt dress instead of an oversized top. This will give you even more length to play with, so you can add a sweater vest, cropped jacket, or belt to cinch the top.

04Thrift a graphic tee

 Instead of buying a new oversized t-shirt, find a retro graphic tee. This will add personality and color to your casual outfit.

Elevate your look by wearing an oversized button-down, chic sunglasses, and strappy heels.

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06 Wear an oversized crop top

Oversized doesn’t have to mean extra long. You can also achieve the trendy, oversized look by wearing a loose-fitting crop top. This will give you longer sleeves and a roomier midsection, without making your legs look shorter (perfect for petites!).

 If oversized tees don’t mesh with your style, try a blazer. For a casual look, wear your blazer with denim shorts and sneakers, or add your favorite heels and chunky earrings for a nighttime, street-style look.

Wear your favorite oversized sweatshirt, jeans, gold hoops, and white sneakers for a minimalist, laid-back look. Dress it down even more by swapping your jeans out for biker shorts.

Transition your go-to summer outfit into fall by adding layers. Try adding an oversized denim jacket or sweater on top of your white t-shirt. We especially love this look because of how the mini skirt and loafers balance out the oversized top!

Pair your oversized shirt and jeans with fun ankle boots, sandals, and jewelry (or a bucket hat!).

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