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6 Ways To Style Flare Jeans

Outfit ideas & styling tips for this nostalgic, throwback pair of jeans.

Flared jeans are the ultimate throwback. This cut — which widens starting at the knee and flares outward just above the ankle — was initially popular in the 1960s during the bell bottoms hippie era and is now back with a vengeance. Think of it as the opposite of skinny jeans, with a trendy flare that can vary from subtle to exaggerated. 

When cropped, flared jeans are the perfect style with which to show off your shoes. And if we’re talkin’ full length, be sure to whip out those high heels. This style is MADE for height.

On the petite side and worried about the hefty amount of fabric? No problem. Just ditch the dramatic flare for a smaller one and know that ANYONE can rock the retro silhouette. 

Here are six outfit ideas to get the creative flared leg juices flowin’. 

Your choices for what to wear underneath as a base layer are endless: button-down, T-shirt, bodysuit turtleneck…you name it.

The blue jeansboho blouse combo takes this denim trend to the next level.

And a crop top for *just* the right amount of edgy street style while still retaining a polished side.

They cut off just above the ankle, which means ankle boots (or clogs, or platform sneakers) are a go.

The classic pairing is one of our favorite ways to wear flare jeans.

Nothing like a jean-on-jean Canadian Tuxedo to take an already retro silhouette and make it retro-er.

Looking to add more flared/wide-leg jeans to your closet? We’ve got you covered with a list of our ten favoritesLevi’s, NYDJ, Wrangler, and Agolde included. 

Bootcut jeans more your jam? Here are eight of our favorite pairs, along with tips for how to style them.

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