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5 Ways To Style Light-Wash Denim

Outfit ideas & style tips for how to wear light-wash jeans. Plus, 7 of our favorite pairs of light denim.

As the name suggests, light-wash jeans are a paler, more muted blue — they sit somewhere between bleached denim and medium/dark-wash denim. By nature, this color tone tends to skew more casual, which isn’t to say lighter wash jeans can’t be worn to work and look professional, but for us, they’re more of an errands and brunch on the weekends-kind of look. 

Below, we break down five ways to style this trendy color tone so you can make the most of your light-wash denim jeans all year round. 

How to style a pair of light-wash jeans

01 Pair with a light T-shirt

Keep the muted tone goin’ with light neutrals on bottom AND on top. We’re particularly fond of cream, which is a bit warmer in hue than your classic white — although TBH, white, light greys, and olives all work well.  

02 Add contrast with a black top

One of the best things about lighter blue jeans is their versatility. Case in point: while they pair particularly well with light tops, they also provide the perfect opportunity for sleek contrast. Aaaaaand cue the black bodysuit. Or leather jacket. Or both.

03 Add a pop of color

Doesn’t matter what funky colors you have in your wardrobe…orange, neon green, pink with white polka dots…light-wash denim will pair with it. 

04 Give the Canadian Tuxedo a try

When you’re going for jean-on-jean, our #1 tip is to opt for different shades of denim, which makes light-wash jeans the perfect option. Pair with a dark denim button-up chambray or jean jacket and call it a day. 

05 Keep up the casual vibes with a chunky sweater or hoody

Baggy cable-knit or cardigan. Chunky scarf. Casual shoes (white sneakers are our go-to). PERFECTION.

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7 of our favorite light-wash denim jeans

Light-wash jeans: done! Now it’s time to talk white jeans.

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