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8 Ways To Style A Flannel Shirt With Jeans

From leather jackets to cardigans, blazers to booties, these are our favorite ways to wear flannel with denim jeans.

A flannel shirt is the epitome of functional fashion. Function because it’s warm and perfect for those dark, cold-weather winter days, and fashion because, well, it looks really, really good. Plaid shirts are wardrobe staples for a reason, and the same goes for button-downs (or are we calling them button ups these days??). And the combination of the two never gets old. 

Below, we list our eight favorite ways to sport flannel shirts with denim.

Add a light turtleneck underneath and pair with skinny jeans and booties.

And use as the perfect layer on top of a bodysuit, tank top, T-shirt, or long sleeve shirt.

With an oversized flannel paired with black jeans or relaxed-fit blue jeans — plus loafers. Leggings would also work well here.

Jean shorts (potentially with tights underneath), unbuttoned flannel, graphic T-shirt, beanie, combat boots/Chelsea boots…you get the idea.

Think of it as a lumberjack-biker look (in the best way). 

Bonus points if your flannel sleeves are longer than your cardigan’s. This way, you can fold ‘em up for some extra plaid flair.

This is one of our favorite flannel looks and the ultimate in fall fashion, especially when paired with versatile (and warm) corduroys.

With this casual outfit combo, you’ll stay warm, stylish, and comfortable en route to the gym (or, ya know, just out and about). 

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