Sick of all your jeans looking like crops? Read here for some great jean recs for our tallest ladies!

Being tall is a struggle sometimes.  Yes, I can grab the cup on the highest shelf for you, but no, I can’t seem to find a pair of jeans that don’t look like capris when I try them on. Frankly, many tall women decide to divorce their relationships with jeans because the struggle is just too real to find a decent pair.

Let’s be honest, while we might try to convince ourselves that we are at peace with our broken relationships with jeans, the reality is — we’re not.

Regardless of our body type — whether we’re tall and curvy or skew more towards an hourglass shape — we all need (and deserve) our Madonna jean moment, so let’s take a look at the best jeans for tall women.

By the end of this article, you’ll be grabbing the cup from the highest shelf AND anxiously waiting for your perfect new jeans to arrive!


Not only does ASOS have tall jeans, but they have a “Women’s Tall” section where you can find jeans, jumpsuits, jackets, skirts, and everything in between. Sort by style to find a pair with the perfect length for those long legs — they’ve got everything from mom jeans to straight leg jeansbootcut to high-waisthigh-rise to mid-rise. You can also get down to the nitty-gritty and sort by color for super-skinny dark-wash or summery light-wash. 

Bonus points for the fact that Topshop is now part of ASOS, so you can find an even wider selection than before.


Tall High-Rise ‘Relaxed’ Dad Jeans in Midwash, $56

02 Good American

If you’re looking for a wide selection of tall jeans, Good American probably isn’t your first stop; however, if you’re on team quality over quantity, then this is the denim brand for you — especially if you’re a sucker for a nice flare jean or laid-back pair of boyfriend jeans. Known for their high-quality denim and inclusive sizing, Good American’s selection definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Good American

Good Waist Crop Raw Edge Jeans, $99

03 Levi's

Loads and loads and loads and loads of tall inventory! Levi’s has such a diverse collection of jeans, meaning even the most discerning consumer is bound to find her next favorite pair. All you have to do is look at their “tall inseam clothing” to find pages of jeans! So, if you get anything from this, know that Levi’s not only has good quality jeans but also has an inventory that can provide you with jeans for any occasion.


501 Stretch Skinny Jeans, $98

04 Mother

First, it’s important to know that Mother jeans are known for their high quality and fit and, unlike other stores that have stellar jeans but lack on the tall front, Mother jeans find a way to keep both the quality and fit consistent – whether tall or petite. Mother jeans are extremely flattering and their jeans seem to fit just right, regardless of height. So take a look at what they have to offer; we’re confident that you’ll find a nice pair of jeans with the perfect fit.


Looker Ripped High Waist Fray Ankle Skinny Jean, $238

05 Mavi Jeans

Although Mavi Jeans don’t have the deepest inventory for tall jeans, their 36-inch inseam collection has certainly caught the attention of the tall community. Not only are Mavi Jeans of great quality, but they’re very reasonably priced and offer a high/medium rise variety.

Mavi Jeans

Molly Deep Supersoft Jean, $98

06 Everlane

Everlane may be best known for well-made basics, but we’re over here swooning over their high-rise skinny jeans. They’re slim at the ankle and made with a comfort stretch material of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Just enough heft with a bit of stretch? Yes, please.


The High-Rise Skinny Jean, $68

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  1. Great article! It’s trque, we tall women do have an added struggle when it comes to finding the right pair of jeans. I’m happy to know about these brands!

  2. If that’s what you consider tall… I don’t think you get it. 36 inch inseam. 🙁 which you should ask in the questions not height.

    1. Hi Victoria! Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out! We definitely hear you. We want to create the ability for users to add their preferred inseam length ASAP. The current challenge we’re facing is a lack of good data on inseams. As we’re sure you’ve encountered, not many brands explicitly list their available inseams! We’ve been doing continuous product and brand research so we can build up our own data on products so we can more and more accurately recommend jeans that fit our users. So stay tuned, and please always reach out with suggestions or thoughts, we want to provide the best experience we can!


      Revelle Team

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