Jeans inspired by the ladies of bridgerton

Jeans Inspired By The Ladies Of Bridgerton

We still haven’t recovered from Bridgerton Season 2… Anyone else? At Revelle, we love chatting about our favorite shows of the moment, especially when they have bad*ss women as the main characters. To celebrate the ladies of Bridgerton and their unique styles, we’ve pulled together our FAV jeans inspired by each one of them. Head over to Instagram to let us know if you agree!

8 Jeans Inspired By Bridgerton’s Leading Ladies

The leading Bridgerton ladies may have worn exquisite ballgowns, but we know they’d be rocking these jeans if they were an option at the time (I mean, wouldn’t you?!).

If there’s one thing we know about Kate Sharma it’s that she’s a headstrong, intelligent woman (and we love her!). But before we even got to know her, we learned that she loves to ride horses. Can’t you envision her wearing this pair of skinnies and some riding boots?

We got to see so much of Eloise, her friendship with Penelope, and her flirtationship this season! And at the end of the day, she is still the #1 leading lady in our hearts. We love that she doesn’t let the societal pressure on women get in her way. Plus, she cares about being comfortable (none of those stuffy ballgowns for her!). It’s one of the reasons we think we’d find her in these comfy boyfriend jeans.

The Featherington family wardrobe is doing THE MOST in season two. Penelope’s outfits are always playful and feminine… and they stand out. Just like these Free People flare jeans that we are loving.

We were so happy that Daphne was included in this season despite moving away when she married the Duke. We think we’d find her in these off-white, cropped jeans that are reminiscent of the iconic look she wore when she was named diamond of the season.

Lady Danbury is classy, independent… and has a flair for trouble (and matchmaking!). Just like these split hem jeans, she’s not quite what she seems at first. We can’t wait to see who she sets up next!

Possibly the most fashionable of them all, we think we’d see the queen in these dramatic wide-leg jeans. They are chic, flattering, and scream “I’m in charge.”

Named the diamond of the season, Edwina Sharma was the epitome of femininity and grace in every episode. We loved how she went after what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to stand up to her sister when she needed to. These jeans are elongating and have a flattering, understated bootcut. We can just picture Edwina wearing them, can’t you?

How could we choose anything other than a classic pair of mom jeans for the mother of the Bridgerton bunch? We loved seeing so much of Violet this season! And we think these jeans would suit her perfectly. They are the perfect shade of blue and are relaxed without being baggy.

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