Q&A With Samantha Guidoin, Revelle’s Paris-Born, Florida-Bred Graphic Designer

Musings on style, advice she would tell her middle school self, and hopes for the future of the retail industry.

Fun fact: Samantha Guidoin only learned how to speak English at age 12 when she traded in baguettes for the beach and moved from Paris to Ponte Verra Beach, Florida. 

After graduating from University of South Florida, Samantha spent a few months as a design intern at a vineyard in France (casual) before joining Revelle to work on all things creative.

“I help with branding and social media/blog content,” explains Samantha. “With a mix of photography and graphic design, we’re able to bring Revelle to life in a way that represents how all women should be seen and heard.” 

Below, Samantha shares thoughts on everything from design to style — plus the life advice she would tell her middle school self. 

On style…

If you had to describe your current style, and you only had the length of a Tweet to do it, what would you say? 

Anything that I can find at the thrift store and deem “unique.” Bonus points if it fits. 

One piece of clothing you can’t live without?

A large T-shirt or hoodie. It must be comfy enough to sleep in but classy enough to roll out of bed in and wear throughout the day. 

In your opinion, what’s one overrated trend? 

I’m not sure why this has become a thing, but sweater vests are very overrated to me. I feel like people are just going shopping in their grandmother’s closet! 

Samantha on a vineyard in France

And one underrated trend?

I don’t own one, but I’d say that women’s pantsuits are underrated. I would LOVE to see myself walking across the city in a pastel pantsuit. What screams “she’s powerful and confident” more than that? 

What’s one out-of-fashion trend or style that you desperately hope will come back?

Would it be immature of me to say bell bottoms from the 70s? You can’t also forget the hairdo that went along with it. 

What’s your go-to “out on the town” outfit and your go-to “staying in” outfit? 

When I’m going out, I usually wear black jeans, a fun lace shirt, and a leather jacket. If it’s more casual, though, I tend to go for a floral maxi dress. If I’m staying in, I’ll DEFINITELY be rocking sweatpants with an extra-large hoodie. 

What’s one fleeting fashion trend from childhood that you *regret* embracing? (no judgment)

Before I say this, I would like to mention that my mother let me dress myself in this and walk out of the house, so if anyone is being judged it technically should not be me. But…I would wear a High School Musical T-shirt with…wait for it…bright pink camo capri pants. And silly bands. Yes, I do have photos. No, I will not be showing them to anyone. Next question? 

Take us through your style evolution! 

In elementary school…

I wore lots of Abercrombie & Fitch throughout elementary school (didn’t we all?). I wasn’t much of a fashionista, and the idea of getting up early to make myself look pretty was not something I cared much about. The only essential I made sure to wear was my headband with fake flowers glued on it and silly bands on my left arm. Overall, though, I was more of the “get dirty in the mud with the boys”-type of girl. 

In middle school…

In middle school, I discovered my love for the Hollister Hawaiian skirt look and tight ringlet curls. Oh — and who could forget the watermelon elastic-colored bands that lined my beautiful braces? 

In high school…

I started wearing sportier clothes since I was part of the track team. We would practice every day after school, and I always felt more comfortable and practical already being dressed in gym wear.

In college…

My best fashion years were definitely in college. I loved trying on new outfits, shopping at thrift stores, and buying clothes in Europe when I would visit family and friends. Let’s just say the little Abercrombie & Fitch, sweatshirt-wearing Sam would be proud looking at her college self now.

On life…

If you could go back in time and tell your middle school self something, what would it be? 

Don’t stress so much about life! Just enjoy what you have in the moment and learn from it. It’s great to have goals for the future, but it’s also okay to deviate from them. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, so make memories from it and don’t always think so much. Also, quit theater. You aren’t going anywhere with that. 

Where do you hope the retail world will be in 5-10 years? What do you desperately want to change? How will it look different? 

I hope that the retail world finally realizes that one size DOESN’T actually fit all. Every woman’s shape is unique and beautiful in its own way. Sizing shouldn’t be a body-shaming construct. Whether you’re a size 2 or size 14, everyone’s body carries them through life in different ways, and we should see it as a strong, unique characteristic — not the opposite. Normalizing different body charts, shapes, sizes, and curves would allow us to acknowledge and support one another so all women feel comfortable in their own bodies. 

What is it about Revelle that energies you when you get out of bed in the morning? 

I know I get the chance to create something amazing for women alongside a stellar team that feels the same. We’re all here to feel powerful, strong, beautiful, unique, and comfortable in our own skin — all of us at Revelle are only here to scream this message out louder. 

Questions for Samantha? Find her on Instagram @samantha.guidoin or comment below! 

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