Revelle founder and CEO, JoAnna Hartzmark

Q&A With Revelle’s Founder and CEO, JoAnna Hartzmark (2023)


JoAnna Hartzmark founded Revelle in an effort to help women find clothes that actually fit… And to help them feel less alone in their pursuit of confidence and self love. 

We recently sat down with JoAnna to discuss her personal style, Revelle’s growing online community, and more! Here’s what she had to say. 

On Style…

Oh man, we’re starting with a tough one! I have to admit that it’s almost impossible for me to pick a single “favorite” of anything, so my go-to outfit would almost certainly contain many different pieces and layers for maximum adaptability. 

I’d start with a pair of high-waisted, dark-wash, skinny jeans and a simple crop top in a neutral color. Then I’d layer on an oversized button down in a bold color that could be worn open, tied at the waist, or tucked in for plenty of versatility. Finish it off with some sleek sneakers and my favorite gold jewelry (my late grandmother’s watch is a must), and I think I could be happy with that for the rest of my life!

Don’t hate me, but crazy high heels. I know we’re all about comfort right now (and I am HERE for it), but I’m a shoe-aholic and my crazy stilettos are getting very lonely in my closet these days.

Insanely big chunky belts. I fully embraced this trend back in the day — a tunic top with a big belt across the waist with some sort of fantastical buckle…and all I can say is that I hope all of those pictures are safely in the Facebook archive…

On Life…

My team knows that I’m super protective of my morning time, because I truly feel it sets the tone for your day whether you want it to or not. I love to wake up a solid 3 hours before I need to be anywhere (and be presentable) to have some true alone time before things start ramping up too much and I’m needed all over the place. 

First things first, when I wake up I chug a ton of water and I meditate. I’m actually a meditation convert — I was incredibly skeptical of the practice at first (I’m a controlling business owner, why would I want to calm my mind?!) but after reading some great books on the subject I realized the power of controlling your mind rather than calming it (it’s all in the marketing sometimes, amirite?) and I’m now fully obsessed. I’ll admit that as soon as I’m done meditating I check my email to make sure nothing urgent is going on. But assuming there are no emergencies, I read my regular newsletters (theSkimm is a must, plus Robinhood Snacks and the new Semafor Flagship) and then get in a workout! I love strength and Pilates classes, so those are generally my go to’s, but I’m also a pandemic Peloton convert so will often hop on the bike for a quick ride if I want to get some cardio in. 

Post workout I switch gears to start getting ready for the public-facing part of my day, but hopefully if I’m not in a rush I can take my time showering, doing some morning skincare, and picking out a fun outfit for whatever lies ahead. 

I can’t imagine you’d expect me to say anything but to see the amazing Revelle community grow and thrive! We’ve built up so much these first few years, and I’m equal parts insanely excited and insatiably curious to see where we go from here (although I’ll admit I have some predictions…but I’ll keep those to myself for now).

On Revelle…

That’s easy — our community. And by community I mean not just the amazing women who log on to our site every day, but also the incredible women behind the scenes (like you, Megan!) who are the ones helping me make Revelle the best platform it can be every single day.

If nothing else, I hope that Revelle gives women permission to say f*ck you to society’s ‘norms’ more and more often. I hope women can begin to quash that little voice in their heads that tells them they’re somehow not enough. By trying to improve the shopping experience for women every day, Revelle is working to dismantle the constructs that prohibit us from being our best selves — the amazingly unique, complex, and beautiful women that we all are. 

Looking for a way to make the whole jean shopping process WAY easier?

That’s where Revelle comes in. When you join — which, BTW, doesn’t cost you anything — we’ll ask you a few questions about your beautiful body. From there, we work our magic (and by magic, we mean technology) to build your personal store. As you like (heart) and dislike (broken heart) jeans, we’ll get to know your tastes, preferences, and style even better so you can find your new fave pair of jeans.

Revelle is on a mission to make women feel beautiful in their bodies every day by helping them find clothes that actually FIT, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you do purchase something by clicking on a link, we may receive a small commission. 

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