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3 Revelle Updates To Get Excited About

You asked, we listened.

Revelle is only as strong as the women in our community. That’s why it’s SO important for us to seek out our members’ opinions on how to improve the experience and listen to the feedback that comes our way — seriously, we read every single comment, complaint, and opinion. From there, we decide what features to build, and when. 

With that in mind, we’re so excited to share the latest updates to the Revelle platform. Test ‘em out, tell us what you think in the comments below or over @revellenation on Insta, and, as always, if there’s anything else you’d love to see, we’re all ears.

01 We added thousands (yes, thousands!!) more jeans to our database

Our goal is to help you find the brands and products that make you feel amazing when you get dressed in the morning, and to do that we need to make sure we’re always adding more options for you! We’ve been adding more and more brands to our database, which translates into more opportunities for you to find something you love in your personal store. 

Not seeing a brand you love? Let us know! We’ll see what we can do 😉 

02 During your fitting, we made it easier for you to tell us about your size

At Revelle, we hate the size chart and how confusing it can be. Sadly, brands still use it so we need to learn a bit about what sizes you generally buy to make sure we can tailor your store specifically to your body and needs. But we want to make it as easy, and hopefully painless, as possible. 

We were hearing from you that there are different size ‘scales’ that you’re used to, and not everyone agreed which one was the best! (Actually, we all agree they’re the worst, but I digress.) Rather than forcing you guys to deal with yet another unfamiliar size chart, we updated the fitting portion of the sign-up process so that you can choose whatever size numbers you’re most comfortable with. Because that’s what Revelle is all about — making you feel safe when you navigate these arbitrary labels that we have to work with. 

03 Another fitting update: there is now an option for those who don’t wear bras

As a part of the fitting, we ask you what your bra size is. While it might not seem like this is important to finding the right pair of jeans, our technology is based on a fundamental understanding of the complexities of women’s bodies, and that means we take your entire body into account. That being said, we were so grateful to hear from the Trans members of our community that this particular question made them feel excluded from our experience. That’s why we added an option to specify that you don’t wear bras, so you can’t or prefer not to answer this particular question. We want to say a special thank you to these members of our community who came to us with this feedback, knowing that we would listen and that we never intended to make them feel as though they were being ignored — we see you, and you are welcome here.

That’s all for now, folks! Remember, the more you browse your personal store — and tell us what you love, what you hate, and what you want to see more of — the better equipped Revelle will be to grow with you…which, let’s be real, is how shopping should always be.  

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