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Team Revelle’s Summer Favorites: Fashion, Beauty, Podcasts, and More!

Helloooo from Revelle HQ! Here at Revelle, our team is bursting with excitement for summertime. There’s just something about warm weather and vacation season that puts us in a great mood. 

We have some exciting updates coming soon (keep your eye on our site!) and can’t wait to show you more of what we’re working on. 

Until then, get excited for summer with some of our favorite things!

What Team Revelle Is Loving This Summer

  • What I’m reading: Murder mysteries while on my terrace! Up next on my reading list is The Investigator by John Sandford, The Paris Apartment, and a book about fundraising.
  • What I’m wearing: Ridiculously ripped jeans and a cropped top (pretending I’m Gen Z and loving it!)
  • Where I’m going: To the Dominican Republic with my mom for both of our first real vacations in years.
  • What I’m wearing: Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen
  • What I’m doing: Taking a Citi Bike to Transmitter Park in Greenpoint
  • What I’m listening to: Girls Gotta Eat podcast (duh!) 
Katie, from Team Revelle, wearing light wash jeans
  • What I’m doing: Reading in the park
  • What I’m drinking: La Colombe cold brew (such a refreshing summer drink!)
  • What I’m doing: Taking long podcast walks! My favorite podcasts right now are Armchair Expert, Scrubbing In, and SmartLess. 
  • Where I’m going: To Colombia for a friend’s wedding. It’s my first time going there, and I can’t wait!
  • What I’m wearing: High-waisted baggy jeans (can’t stop wearing them!) or athletic dresses with built-in shorts.
Megan, from Team Revelle, wearing sunglasses and a puffy jacket

Looking for a way to make the whole jean shopping process WAY easier?

That’s where Revelle comes in. When you join — which, BTW, doesn’t cost you anything — we’ll ask you a few questions about your beautiful body. From there, we work our magic (and by magic, we mean technology) to build your personal store. As you like (heart) and dislike (broken heart) jeans, we’ll get to know your tastes, preferences, and style even better so you can find your perfect pair.

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