A “cold shoulder” vaccine fashion trend, the return of the infamous skort, a plus-size shopping trend on TikTok, and more.

01 Macy’s celebrates visionary Black creatives with the launch of “Icons of Style”

The collaboration features exclusive capsule designs by five Black fashion designers: Zerina Akers for Bar III, Misa Hylton for I.N.C., Aminha Abdul Jillil for I.N.C., Allen Onyia for I.N.C., and Ouigi Theodore for Sun + Stone — all inspired by their own unique perspectives and dynamic style. It all comes as the iconic department store doubles down on diversity and inclusion by intensifying their commitment to the growth and advancement of Black-owned businesses, creators, changemakers, and emerging talent. 

“We are thrilled to celebrate Black excellence and amplify the voices and exceptional talent of five Black creatives,” said Macy’s Vice President Durand Guion. “We’re using this moment to tell their stories and provide our fashion-devoted customers with exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces to help them express their personal style.”

02 Lena Dunham just launched a new plus-size clothing line

This past Monday, Lena Dunham announced her five-item collaboration with 11 Honoré, an e-tail site that champions high fashion for the plus-size community and gets runway designers to make their brands accessible to women beyond size 10. Dunham placed a large amount of focus on fit — the last thing she wanted was to just add more fabric or cut waists wider to accommodate bigger bodies. Instead, she thought more holistically about employing darts differently to encompass stomach and button curves, as well as upper arms. 

“Right now, the only thing I’m doing is speaking about my own experience, so this clothing line is a direct response to my experience,” explains Dunham, whose designs evoke “playfulness and winky intelligence.” 

03 It’s official: the “cold shoulder” top is a vaccine trend (thanks to the one and only Dolly Parton)

Behold the ultimate vaccine-ready top — one that leaves ample real estate space in the upper arm: the so-called “cold shoulder” look. Long sleeves, but with a chic (and functional) cutout. After Dolly Parton posted a vaccine selfie (now dubbed “vaxxie”) on Instagram, Hilary Clinton followed suit with a throwback photo of her in a sleek LBD — shoulder cutout included. 

“Loved seeing @dollyparton bring back the cold shoulder as a vaccination look,” wrote Clinton in her caption. “Shall we make this a trend?” 

We’re behind it 100%.

04 Why are Chinese consumers boycotting some Western brands?

Tommy Hilfiger. Nike. Converse. Calvin Klein. Adidas. Burberry. 

Those are just a handful of the Western brands facing repercussions from Chinese consumers in the form of canceled brand partnerships and boycotts. Here’s why: many brands have agreed and publicly stated that they will cease to source cotton harvested via coercive labor programs in Xinjiang, a Chinese region that is the focal point of a repression campaign against ethnic minority groups such as the Uighurs — which you can learn more about by reading this NY Times piece or listening to this podcast episode from The Daily. In response, Chinese online activists are punishing the foreign brands as part of their “increasingly aggressive brand of diplomacy.”

05 Skorts are back!!!!

The skirt-shorts mashup that was ALL THE RAGE in the 90s is back with a vengeance courtesy of two-time Olympian Aly Raisman, who teamed up with Aerie to launch a new collection inspired by nature, animals, and balance. Just in time for spring, the collection — called “OFFLINE” — features sports bras, dresses, leotards, and skorts in playful prints and colors (think floral, cheetah, and turquoise). A percentage of proceeds will be donated to Darkness to Light, a non-profit that educates adults to prevent sexual abuse in children. 

06 Emily Ratajkowski is causing a social media stir over her post-baby body pics

Two weeks after model Emily Ratajkowski gave birth to son Sylvester Apollo Bear on March 8, she posted a photo of herself modeling loungewear. Needless to say, the (flat) tummy-bearing, post-baby body pictures sparked a contentious debate. 

“Some are saying that Ratajkowski is just living her lie and it shouldn’t be anyone’s business what her body looks like after birth (besides hers),” writes Cosmo journalist Jennifer Savin, “whereas others are saying her flat stomach is an anomaly, and ‘flaunting’ it so soon is making other women feel bad.” 

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Weigh in down below in the comments section! 

07 Plus-size online shopping is getting easier thanks to TikTok

Yep, you heard that right. With the pandemic making it difficult/impossible to try on in-store before you buy, many are turning to TikTok’s growing community of plus-size fashion haulers to help them make sense of wild inconsistencies in sizing (which, BTW, we have MANY thoughts on). The goal? Avoid “blind” online shopping, followed by returns, followed by more shopping in a vicious cycle that wastes time and money.

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