7 Things The Revelle HQ Is Buzzing About This Month [December]

A body positive fashion show, window displays dedicated to Virgil Abloh, body positivity from Tyra Banks, a MasterClass on feminism, and more.

01 Kenyon College hosted its second annual Body Positive Fashion Show

Now THIS is a fashion show we’d want to attend. It was put on in collaboration with Kenyon’s chapter of Her Campus and Epsilon Delta Mu to show off a diverse range of outfits designed by students and alumni. Anyone who wanted to participate could — no previous experience needed. The goal? Celebrate body positivity by creating a safe space where anyone could showcase their art in front of a crowd. 

02 Ralph Lauren launches Roblox, a digital fashion line in the ~metaverse~

After venturing into the metaverse back in August, amassing 1.5 million unique visitors and selling 145,000 products, Ralph Lauren is at it again with a “Winter Escape.” In the online universe, players participate in activities — ice skating included — while shopping for retro, throwback sportswear from the 1990s collection. Items cost 125 to 300 “Robux,” which equates to roughly $1.25 – $3.

“I can imagine a day where players try on items in Roblox, then click on a button to get them delivered in the real world,” said Christina Wootton, Roblox’s vice president of global brand partnerships. 

03 Louis Vuitton dedicates their window displays around the world to the late Virgil Abloh

After Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of men’s collections, Virgil Abloh, tragically passed from cancer on November 28 at age 41, the French fashion house and luxury goods conglomerate dedicated their boutique windows to Abloh. In smudged, vibrant color, each window reads: “Virgil was here.” 

It started in Abloh’s hometown of Chicago and quickly spread worldwide to New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, London, Moscow, Taipei, Los Angeles, Singapore, Istanbul, Sydney, Bangkok, Milan, and Madrid. 

04 Tyra Banks celebrates her 48th birthday with a body-positive message that EVERYONE should see

The swimsuit-clad supermodel posted a series of photos with the caption…”It’s my BIRTHDAY! And every year this BODY of mine keeps changing. My body of work and my body ody ody. My body is fuller. And so is my mind. Happy Birthday to all my fellow Sagittarius out there. Here’s to growing together, in more ways than one.” 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Here’s to celebrating the beauty of a changing body AND mind. And always “smizing” to make Tyra proud. 

05 Head’s up for a new Masterclass on redefining feminism

Led by pioneering journalist and social-political activist Gloria Steinem, the class covers everything from U.S. history (to contextualize the present state of feminism) to workplace wage disparty, domestic violence, reproductive justice, sexual violence, and pleasure activism. 

“A feminist is someone who believes in the full humanity of all people regardless of race, sex, gender, and class,” said Steinem in a press release. “In this class, we will explore what that means and actionable ways to address the challenges facing women today and how we can empower ourselves to enact change and take control of our own lives.” 

Additional guests will include Adrienne Maree Brown (writer-in-residence at the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute and New York Times-bestselling author), Tina Tchen (former White House advisor and former CEO of Time’s Up), and Amanda Nguyen (CEO and founder of Rise, a nonprofit that rains civil rights organizers).

06 The top Google searches for 2021 are in…and “skinny jeans” made the list

Also on the list? Y2K (maybe for some throwback fashion looks or insight into what we *thought* was going to be doomsday?) and…get ready for it…Harry Styles. We get it. The One Direction star makes us swoooooon too. 

But back to skinny jeans. This year, people were increasingly searching for things like “are skinny jeans out 2021” and “skinny jeans and side parts,” all in response to a generational debate that took place on TikTok with the younger generation mocking the 2000s-era style. Upwards of 300,000 videos have been tagged “no skinny jeans” because apparently, bootcut and straight leg jeans are what’s “in” now. Gen Zers also went after side parts as a “faux-pas” of the millennial generation.

07 This Australian designer re-created Britney Spears’ iconic denim dress…and now we want one too

Get this: it cost just $10 for designer Hayley Dingle to make…and she sold it for $350! If that’s not a sign that 2000s fashion is back with a vengeance, we don’t know what is. Dingle is now getting requests from around the world for the dress. Not gonna lie, we want in. 

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