Your Zodiac Sign Denim Edition

Your Favorite Jeans According To Your Zodiac Sign

While our expertise mayyyyy not be astrology… we know jeans like the back of our hand. So, we used our denim expertise to predict your favorite jeans based on your zodiac sign! Did we get it right?

Your Favorite Jeans According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius: Ripped Jeans

As an Aquarius, you defy all labels! You are creative and fun, enthusiastic about the future, and love the people around you. You may also enjoy uncommon hobbies and don’t always go with trends. That’s why we think you just might love ripped jeans. They’re unique, just like you!

Pisces: Baggy Jeans

Calling all Pisces! We know you are always in touch with your emotions and the emotions of those around you (we’re all better because we have you looking out for us!). You’re grounded, yet have a very creative side. Since you’re so in touch with what’s happening around you, we think you probably jumped on the baggy jeans trend right away.

Aeries: Mom Jeans

Aries personalities are known for having it all together. If that’s you, we bet you’re independent, assertive, and always up for a challenge. That’s how we know you love mom jeans. You’re on the go and ready for anything!

Tauruses are often talked about in relation to their sign’s symbol, the bull. If you’re a Taurus, you’re probably very dedicated, hard-working, trustworthy, smart, and generous (and maybe a little stubborn?). Since you’re focused on the things you love most, we think you probably stuck with low-rise jeans, even when high-rise came into style (and we respect it!).

We know you Geminis are always out and about. As a very social, expressive, yet sometimes indecisive sign, we think you’re all about high-rise jeans… even if you can’t choose one style in particular. Plus, you love having options for all your outings with friends.

Zodiac Sign Jeans Infographic

If you’re a Cancer, you love and care for others fiercely. We bet you have a great group of loyal friends that you see as often as possible. You also thrive in familiar environments and love security. Since you love what’s familiar, we bet you LOVE the nostalgia of cropped jeans.

Leo: Patterned Jeans

A Leo is the perfect blend of a confident leader and a loyal friend. And we aren’t just saying that because our founder, JoAnna, is a Leo! Since you Leos are naturally bright and confident, we bet you love bold, patterned jeans.

Virgo: Bootcut Jeans

Virgos are kind, empathetic, humble, and quick as a whip. If you’re a Virgo, you probably spend your time with close friends having deep chats. Since you’re definitely the practical one of the bunch, we bet you’re drawn to bootcut jeans. The bootcut silhouette is not only flattering, but it goes with everything and is very comfortable.

Libra: Bell-Bottom Jeans

Libras are one of the more social signs, so we’re not surprised that your social calendar is booked until the end of the year (more like decade?). You’re charming, clever, and know how to grab attention when you walk into a room. That’s why we think you probably love bell-bottom jeans!

Scorpio: Straight Leg Jeans

You Scorpios are nothing if not straightforward (see what we did there?). You’re also focused, determined, and passionate. You naturally gravitate toward positions of power and you mean business. Don’t worry, straight leg jeans are practical and easy to wear anywhere.

Sagittarius: Skinny Jeans

A Sagittarius is adventurous at heart and willing to take risks. We bet you’re out traveling the world and making deep, emotional connections with everyone you meet. Since you’re always on the go, we doubt you’re ever too far from your favorite pair of stretchy skinny jeans.

Capricorns are known for being determined and disciplined, so we know you want to wear a cozy pair of boyfriend jeans while you’re working hard all day! 

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