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It’s here where you’ll find jean recommendations for YOU based on your fitting. As you like () and dislike () jeans, we’ll learn more about you and personalize your racks even more.
The goal? Help you feel empowered to explore new brands, trends, and styles without fear of feeling that there’s nothing out there to serve your unique body .

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Your Recommendations

Think of this as your curated home base — every time you like/dislike jeans or answer more questions, this page will update. No two recommendations pages are the same since they’re entirely personalized to YOUR tastes, fit preferences, body, and budget. At any time, you can click on the “Shop” drop-down in order to refine your search by filter...more on that below.

Your Profile

Want to update your responses to your initial fitting? This is the place to do it as well as telling us more about you. The more questions you answer about your body, shopping habits, brands you love, and style, the better your recommendations will be. Remember, this can be updated at any time!

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Your Closet

Sit tight, something exciting is coming here soon!

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Under this drop-down, you’ll see three options:

  1. Shop Your Recommendations
  2. Shop Users Like You
  3. Shop All

In all three, you can run an advanced search and filter by features such as price, brand, style, color, rise, stretch, and whether jeans are on sale or not.

Jean Details Page

After clicking on a specific pair of jeans, you’ll see a details page with information on size — not only WHAT size we recommend but WHY. This is based on the information you provided when completing your initial fitting, combined with our intel on each brand's individual fit.

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We want to hear from you!

Anything you’d love to have in your store that you don’t see at the moment? Shoot us a note at to let us know. We’re a small but mighty, female-powered team constantly looking for ways to improve the platform based on your feedback, so don’t be shy! (We’re humans, promise.)