7 Uplifting Accounts To Follow In 2023

7 Uplifting Accounts To Follow This Year

The New Year is full of vision boards, closet clean-outs, and new habits… And while we LOVE the excitement and hope that comes with every January 1st, we also know it can be a bit overwhelming. 

We don’t know about you, but when we’re overwhelmed, we feel even less like our “best selves” and end up spending even more time scrolling on social media. 

This time of year, we love to take a step back and evaluate the time we spend online. As social media lovers (and believers that social media can be positive!), we don’t have any plans to quit posting or scrolling. BUT we do encourage you to follow accounts that leave you feeling uplifted and even better about yourself). 

Our goal for 2023? No more comparison hangovers!

7 Positive & Uplifting Accounts to Follow

If you’re also looking for uplifting Instagram accounts to follow, here are some of our favorites!

If you need a reminder of how GOOD humanity is, look no further. Upworthy shares inspiring stories, adorable videos, and generally hilarious content on a daily basis. It makes our day and we know it’ll make yours too!

If you like health-related content, but are sooooo over diet culture accounts (we are too, btw), Lucy is the follow for you. She helps you unpack your relationship with food with funny videos. She teaches you about working out and how your body works… We are obsessed!

Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist and writer and she is constantly serving us the inspiration we need! She creates beautiful graphics with words of wisdom *every day.* We don’t know how she does it, but we’re SO glad she does.

You may have heard Michael James Schneider referred to as @blksmth or “that balloon guy on Instagram.” He puts messages out into the world through stunning (and often brutally honest and/or hilarious) neon signs and balloon letters. He is always reminding us that humor (and boundaries) are important parts of everyday life.

Live From Snacktime is our favorite daily dose of laughter and cuteness. It’s an account that shares quotes from children, submitted by followers, and it’s just as adorable as you’d imagine.

If you’re a pop culture lover (or a marketing guru), you need to give GBT a follow (especially if you’re tired of following celebrity news outlets or celebrities themselves). She always has a positive attitude and shares brilliant marketing ideas for brands and celebrities. Plus, she’ll keep you updated on allll the pop culture things. She is also super open about her unique career path and her grief journey!

Not to toot our own horn, but we work very hard to make sure our social media is a positive, uplifting place for our community. We’d LOVE to connect with you there!

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