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The 5 Best Jeans for Cuffing

Cuffing jeans is a great way to change up your look (show off those cute shoes!) or style jeans that are a little too long. At Revelle, we love helping women style jeans they love in ways that make them feel confident. Here are our picks for the best jeans for cuffing AND some tips for how to do it!

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How to Cuff Your Jeans

Believe it or not, there are a lot of ways that you can cuff your jeans. Experiment with these styles and tag us on Instagram when you post your fit!

  • Single cuff: Simply turn up the bottom of each pant leg (so the inside is facing out) to create a versatile, single cuff look.
  • Double cuff: Repeat the single cuff to fold the bottom of your jeans up twice. This will hide any raw denim edges and keep the cuff from coming undone. The double cuff is a great way to hide excess fabric on jeans that are a little too long.
  • Rolled cuff: Rather than folding the hem of your jeans, roll them up. This look is a little more relaxed and gives a beachy, undone vibe. Similar to the double cuff, you can continue rolling to achieve a double roll.
    • Style tip: Pair a rolled cuff with an oversized button-down or white t-shirt for an “I just walked off the beach” look.
  • Wide cuff: This cuff is also called a deep cuff or mega cuff, and looks exactly how it sounds. Instead of folding up a small portion of your jeans, fold up more fabric to create a large cuff. This is a fun statement, especially if you are cuffing wide-leg or bootcut jeans.

5 Best Jeans for Cuffing

You can cuff any type of jeans, but for a classic look, opt for boyfriend or straight-leg jeans. Here are our favorites:

This pair of jeans will elongate your legs even when the ends are cuffed. Plus, they come in a classic, vintage-inspired wash. 

Maje High Waist Straight Leg Mom Jeans_best jeans for cuffing_Revelle

A slightly wider leg option, this pair of straight-leg Levi’s has a casual look without being baggy. Since they are loose, you can easily cuff them more than once.

Levis Low Pro Straight-Leg Jeans_best jeans for cuffing_Revelle

We love cuffed jeans that you don’t have to cuff yourself! This pair of jeans from Frame has a slim-straight cut and a built-in cuff, so no need to adjust during the day.

Frame Le Garcon Slim-Straight Jeans_best jeans for cuffing_revelle

We LOVE these flattering, high-rise jeans. They are the ultimate pair of blue jeans and would look great with a cuff on the bottom.

Levis Trendy Plus Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans_best jeans for cuffing_revelle

These boyfriend jeans come in 6 colors, some of which are pre-cuffed. They are casual, low-rise (trendy jean alert!), and have a flattering slim fit.

Rag and Bone Dre Low Rise Ankle Slim Boyfriend Jeans_best jeans for cuffing_Revelle

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