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So, What’s The Real Difference Between Boyfriend Jeans and Mom Jeans?

Boyfriend jeans and mom jeans are two of our FAV styles (and for good reason!)… Especially now that the slouchy look is very much *in.*

However, even as the denim experts in the room, we can admit that mom jeans and boyfriend jeans look… quite a bit alike. So if you’ve ever been shopping and wondered “What, exactly, is the difference between the two styles?” – You’re not the only one. 

Plus, when we know more about the jeans that make us feel most confident, we’re more likely to have a better shopping experience the next time we need a pair.

Boyfriend Jeans 101

First, let’s take a look at boyfriend jeans. As the name suggests, they were originally designed to look like they were borrowed from a boyfriend (duh). Because of this, they are typically looser-fitting than other styles of denim, and often cuffed at the ankle. They’re usually made with lighter-weight denim and have a relaxed, slouchy fit. 

Since they are so comfy and laid back, they’re perfect for running errands, going out for coffee, or even lounging around the house. That being said… there are few things we love more than slouchy jeans, a blazer, and some heels for a GNO (or date night!).

Joes Boyfriend Jeans With Rolled Hem
JOE'S Boyfriend Jeans With Rolled Hem

Mom Jeans 101

Although they also have a relaxed silhouette, mom jeans are designed to be more fitted and have a higher waistline than boyfriend jeans. They often have a straight or slightly tapered leg and flare slightly at the bottom. Mom jeans are typically made of heavier-weight denim and have a more structured, polished look. They make great, comfortable, work jeans!

Vanilla Star Juniors Deconstructed Cinch Waist Mom Jeans
Vanilla Star Deconstructed Cinch-Waist Mom Jeans

Choose The Right Pair For You

Ultimately, the right pair of jeans for you is the pair that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. However, if you’re looking for a few considerations to help you narrow your search between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans… Here are the two biggest differences we would take into account! 

  • Light-Weight Denim vs. Heavy-Weight Denim: Boyfriend jeans are typically made from lighter-weight, breathable denim, which makes them comfortable in hot weather and easy to move around in. On the other hand, mom jeans are typically made from heavier-weight denim, which makes them more durable and long-lasting. They are also more insulated, so they’ll keep you warmer in cold weather.
  • Loose vs. Structured: Boyfriend jeans typically have a looser fit than mom jeans, so if you’re looking for a pair with lots of room to move… Boyfriend jeans might be for you. They also tend to have more flexibility in the waist and hips, making them great for women with curves. Mom jeans, on the other hand, are more structured and fitted. They aren’t skin-tight like skinny jeans, but they’re more form-fitting than boyfriend jeans. If you love the look of structured, high-waisted jeans… Mom jeans might be right for you!

Want Curated Jeans Recommendations?

At Revelle, we like to think of ourselves as jean experts. We know that a woman’s body isn’t defined by one body shape. That’s why we use our algorithm to find the best jeans for your individual proportions. So whether you order mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, or wide-leg jeans, you know they’ll fit the first time you try them on. 

Sign up now to gain access to a personalized, online jeans store filled with jeans from your favorite denim brands (including Madewell, Good American, Levi’s, and more!). We’ll even recommend which size to buy at checkout based on how each brand fits.

Revelle is on a mission to make women feel beautiful in their bodies every day by helping them find clothes that actually FIT, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you do purchase something by clicking on a link, we may receive a small commission. 

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