Supplies to fix a hole in jeans

How To Fix A Hole In Jeans: 5 DIY Jeans Repairs

We all have a favorite pair of jeans. The ones we wear all. the. time. Eventually, we’ll wear a hole in the leg, snag them on something, or rip a seam. It’s inevitable. That’s why we’ve researched a few easy ways to repair holes and worn-down areas. No need to throw your favorite pair away… simply repair and keep them in your closet!

How To Fix A Hole In Jeans: 5 DIY Repairs

01Use a sewing machine

If you’re experienced with a sewing machine, try using it to mend the hole in your jeans (especially if it’s a straight tear or split seam). Simply pin the two sides together and sew in a straight line. Make sure to use heavy-duty needles and thread (like denim thread) to easily pierce and secure denim fabric (denim is thicker than most other fabrics). If you’re fixing a hole in the crotch of your jeans, use zig-zag stitches for extra security.

02 Hand sew

You only need a few supplies for hand sewing: a needle, thread, and a seam ripper (or scissors!). Simply cut your thread, attach it to the sewing needle, and sew the hole closed from the inside of your jeans. Sewing from the inside allows you to knot the thread on the inside, so there is no loose thread on the outside of your jeans (the outside of the fabric is also called the “right side”). Once you’ve made your knot, the jeans are ready to wear again! This method works especially well for small holes or worn-down areas. Check out our tutorial video for step-by-step instructions!

03 Use an iron-on patch

If your jeans have a larger hole, try covering the damaged area with a patch. You can purchase an iron-on patch from any craft store and iron it over the opening. Make sure the patch is large enough to adhere around the edges of the hole. This method is a great way to add personality and color to your jeans (we LOVE the idea of a cute, colorful patch). For a more subtle look, use an iron-on denim patch.

04 Sew a denim or fabric patch

If the hole is too large to simply stitch together, consider making your own fabric or denim patch. This is a great way to use excess fabric you have lying around or upcycle another pair of jeans. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the hole, and hand sew it from the inside of the jeans. Once the edges of the patch are secured, knot the thread.

Fabric glue is the easiest way to fix ripped jeans, so this method is very beginner friendly (not all of us are DIY experts!). This method works especially well if the rip is in a low-impact area, like the hem of your jeans, since fabric glue isn’t as strong as thread. Simply use the glue to re-attach both sides of the hole and hold until the glue has dried.

If these repair methods aren’t for you, give your jeans a new life by donating or upcycling!

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