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6 Ways To Style Gray Jeans

Somewhere between classic blue denim and black jeans sits our unsung hero: gray jeans.

Referring to jeans as “gray” doesn’t do justice to just how many hues and washes there are, from darker charcoal to lighter, bordering-on-white washes. Aside from their versatility (which rivals that of blue jeans), gray jeans are also an incredibly neutral choice; odds are they pair with pretty much everything in your closet. But when you wear ‘em, it somehow feels more exciting and different than your everyday denim — a way to spice things up, so to speak. Just us? 

In sum, we recommend. Highly recommend, actually. And below, we’ve rounded up our favorite outfit ideas and styling tips to help you up your gray game.

Gray jeans sit somewhere between blue jeans and black jeans when it comes to business casual compatibility — with the former on the more casual side and the latter on the more professional side. When we want to dress up darker wash gray jeans, we’ll opt for a button-down shirt underneath a blazer or cardigan along with a pair of black boots, suede booties, or loafers.

This is the perfect way to liven up any pair of jeans, but especially gray jeans — whether they’re slim fit skinny jeans or looser boyfriend jeans. Different hues lend dimension, and while bold fall tones work well (think mustardy yellows, burgundys, navy blues, and olive greens), so do lighter spring colors (pastel aquas, ceruleans, moss greens, etc), proving that gray jeans are the ultimate all-year-round staple.

We’re partial to chunky cream turtlenecks, but your everyday long sleeve or crisp white shirt will work as well. Pair with chunky white sneakers to complete this casual outfit.

We can do jean-on-jean, as well as black-on-black, so it stands to reason that we’d also be able to do gray-on-gray, right? Totally.

Layer a black T-shirt with a leather jacket for added street style oomph.

We love styling light wash or dark wash gray jeans with classic blue denim on top, whether it’s a chambray or denim jacket.

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