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5 Ways To Style Jeans That Are Too Long

Hacks, tips, and tricks to help you style a too-long pair of jeans like a pro.

After sharing a list of style tips and outfit ideas for jeans that are too short, we thought we’d do the same for jeans that are too long. Whether you’re on the shorter side and intimately familiar with the struggle or just happened upon a pair that you LOVE but that don’t quite fit your legs, fear not. There are a handful of hacks, tips, and tricks to help you style a too-long pair of jeans like a pro. 

01 For bootcut, the higher the heel, the better

Because bootcut jeans are a toned-down version of flare jeans that extend out between the knee and the ankle, we recommend wearing ‘em with high heels, whether it’s an ankle bootie, chunky heel (~so retro~), or strappy heel. 1-3 inches is the sweet spot so the heel will juuuuuuuust poke out of the bottom of the jeans, but if you’re dealing with a pair that’s on the long side, feel free to up the height in order to get the right length. This technique can also work for wide-leg jeans

02 Try cuffing

All you have to do is fold the pant leg outwards and up about 2 inches above the hem. Keep in mind that loose-fit jeans (like mom jeans, straight leg jeans, or baggy oversized jeans) can generally stand a larger cuff while skinny jeans should have a smaller, tighter cut.

An added benefit of cuffing is that it reveals a selvedge end, which is just a fancy word for a finished outseam so the edges won’t unravel. You can find this feature on many high-quality denim brands, Levi’s included.

03 ...or tucking

This is particularly suitable for skinny jeans. If you’re not interested in the scrunched or cuffed look, try tucking, which entails folding the too-long jeans in the opposite direction as cuffing — so instead of out and up, go in and up. This way, the fold isn’t visible and instead more discreetly hides the excess fabric at the bottom of your jeans.

Calling all DIY seamstresses out there! It’s totally possible to shorten the length of your jeans with a sewing machine while retaining the original hem. We’ll leave this tutorial to the experts at Sustain My Craft Habit, who have step-by-step instructions on how to hem various types of jeans so they perfectly land right at the top of your shoes…or whatever your desired length is.

05 Into the raw hem look? Try cut jeans

Just keep in mind that the new hem may continue fraying over time, so you run the risk of a more tattered look. That’s why we recommend cutting it a tad bit longer than your desired length. This way, you’ll leave room for some wear and tear on the hemline.

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