Revelle's social media manager, Katie Paganelli

Q&A With Revelle’s Social Lead (& Thrift Shopping Guru), Katie Paganelli

Musings on her style icon (Zoë Kravitz!), the out-of-fashion trend she *desperately* hopes will come back, and the advice she’d give her middle school self.

When you come across a post from Revelle in your Insta feed, Katie is prooooooobably behind it (and…shameless plug…if you don’t follow us, get on that stat!). Hailing from Connecticut, Katie spent years working in Boston before making her way to Brooklyn and joining the Revelle team. 

As Social Media Lead with a knack for film photography, she manages all of our accounts to help connect with YOU, our members. 

Below, she gives us a glimpse into her closet of thrifty, comfy staples and shares some wise ~life advice~ she’d give to her middle school self. 

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On style…

If you had to describe your current style, and you only had the length of a Tweet to do it, what would you say? 

Equal parts thrifty and comfortable with a dash of quirk. I love to incorporate color with most of my outfits. 

Who’s your style icon?

Zoë Kravitz! She has this effortless vintage cool girl style that I am constantly geeking out over. From her graphic tees to her oversize coats, I swoon every time. 

One piece of clothing you can’t live without?

I have an oversized tie-dye band t-shirt that I wear to bed almost every night. It is THE most comfortable item of clothing and I always feel at home when I wear it. 

What’s a trend you think is overrated and one that’s underrated?

I think Birkenstocks are overrated and cargo zip-off pants are underrated.

What’s one out-of-fashion trend that you hope will come back?

Skechers Shape Ups. They were ahead of their time. 

What’s your go-to “out on the town” outfit?

My thrifted mom jeans, a striped flowy button down (also thrifted), white sneakers, and of course, my gold hoops. 

And your go-to “staying in” outfit? 

Big comfy sweatpants and a XL college crewneck. 

What’s one fleeting fashion trend from childhood that you *regret* embracing? (no judgment)

Having every outfit incorporating the color scheme of brown and blue or brown and pink. What was that all about?!

Take us through your style evolution!

In middle school, I was all about graphic tees from Old Navy and dELiA*s. If the shirt had a pun on it, it went STRAIGHT into the shopping cart. In high school, it was a lot of leggings (I mean a lot) paired with anything I had thrifted that week. In college, I got even more into thrifting and tried out different looks from boho chic to other casual styles. 

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On life…

If you could go back in time and tell your middle school self something, what would it be?

Loosen up a bit! Not everyone is judging you like you might think. Wear what you want. Be who you want. Most people really only care about themselves, which can be a very freeing thought. 

Where do you hope the retail world will be in 5-10 years? What do you desperately want to change? How will it look different?

I hope that the retail world starts to actually care about ALL of our different body shapes and sizes. It can still feel performative from big-name retailers when they do campaigns for different body shapes. 

My other hope is that all types of bodies are used in the retail space. It’s tough to constantly see models that don’t represent your body type. 

What is it about Revelle that energizes you when you get out of bed in the morning? 

The people and the mission! I love being surrounded by fantastic people all working together to help women feel good in their bodies. 

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