Revelle Founder JoAnna Hartzmark Weighs In On Our Biggest Site Update EVER

What to know about our latest site updates, from a completely overhauled shopping experience with easy ways to shop by price or style to a new profile section. 

There’s a lot going on at the Revelle HQ these days! Can you tell us a bit more about the big changes that were just rolled out?

We just made the biggest update to our site EVER, incorporating tons of user feedback from the last few months to make the member experience better than ever! 

First, we completely overhauled the shopping experience. When you log in to your account on Revelle, you’re entering a personalized store full of jeans just for you — but there are so many options to choose from! We heard that our members were feeling overwhelmed by their recommendations and didn’t necessarily want to go to their larger stores to filter through everything themselves. So we redesigned the experience so that the very first thing a member sees is a curated view of her personalized store. 

Now when you log in, you’ll see easy ways to shop by price or style (two major asks from our members!), our top picks based on the latest inventory in stores, and more! You can still navigate to your larger store and sort by different filters, but we wanted to create this new experience to make it easier to shop and find jeans that make our members feel beautiful. You can find this section under “Your Recommendations” if you ever want to get back to home base.

Second, we added a new section of the site called “Your Profile” where it’s easy to personalize your recommendations by telling us more about yourself. Additionally, you can now make changes to your initial fitting if you’ve had any changes in your body lately — because bodies are meant to change and we’re here to help you navigate any shifts! 

Why did you decide on those updates in particular?

We make updates directly in response to feedback we receive from our amazing community of members. We had been getting a lot of feedback that members were finding the shopping experience overwhelming, so we spent some time listening to the specifics of that feedback to really understand what would make the experience easier to navigate. We always take the time to dig into member feedback to appreciate where it’s coming from so that we can be sure that any updates we make are actually solving the problem that our members are facing.

Similarly, we’d been hearing from users who had recent changes to their bodies that they didn’t know how to let us know about those changes so that we could update their personalized stores. While we can always make those adjustments for members ourselves and we absolutely LOVE hearing from our members, we felt this was an opportunity where it would be more beneficial to enable members to make these changes themselves rather than needing to rely on us to do it for them. At Revelle we want you to feel in control of your experience, not overly reliant on an unknown technology!

So as a user, do I need to do anything to see these updates or are they automatically there?

Nope! All you have to do is log in to your account (or create one if you haven’t already — it’s totally free!) and you’ll see these changes. They’ve been automatically applied for all Revelle members. 

If there was a pair of jeans I had my eye on pre-update, will they still be there now?

Of course! You can always navigate to the “Shop All” section to see every single pair of jeans available on our site. As long as the jeans are still in stock (we can’t control the inventory, sorry!) you’ll be able to find the pair you were eyeing there. If you’d already liked (i.e. hearted) the jeans, then they should already be there in “Your Recommendations” — even easier! 

From what I understand, there’s also some snazzy new “Your Closet” updates in the pipeline...can you give us a sneak peek of what that will entail?

Funny you should ask! The new “Your Closet” feature will make it even easier for members to find the products they’ve already liked, as well as ones they’ve purchased or given feedback on. The new “Your Closet” section will serve as a hub for products and features that members want to keep track of. The feature is still under development though, so we’d love to hear what our members are dying to see there. Please comment here or shoot us an email at if you have any ideas — we want to know!

Anything else you’d like us to know about these updates (or future ones)?

We REALLY listen to your feedback — we promise!! Every change to our experience is made as a direct result of our members engaging with us and letting us know what they want to see Revelle do next. We’re still a very small, growing company and have the incredible privilege of a community of members who aren’t afraid to tell us what they really want. We want to continue to grow and evolve *with* our members, so please tell us what you want to see! Our DMs and email are always open.

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