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What Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Says About You

We ALL have a favorite pair of jeans (you included!). A pair that suits your personality and goes with EVERYTHING in your closet. The pair your friends see and say… “that’s so you.” 

So… what does your favorite pair of jeans say about you?

If you’re a flare jeans lover, you’re NOT afraid to stand out. You’re the social butterfly of your friends and are always looking for fun things to do with the group. You probably love retro-inspired things and have at least a few vintage pieces in your closet. 

We could probably find you rollerblading near the beach, planning girls’ night outings, or jamming at outdoor concerts.

INC Petite Pull On Flare Jeans
Ramy Brook Helena High Rise Flared Sailor Jeans

As a mom jeans wearer, you have tried and true favorites. You’re laid back, trustworthy, and love to recommend your favorite finds to friends. You want to be comfortable and are always lounging in casual outfits. 

We might find you on long walks, at the farmer’s market, or curling up with a good book or podcast.

Missguided Mom Jeans
NA-KD Ripped Mom Jeans
Missguided Riot High Waisted Mom Jeans

If you’re wearing skinny jeans, odds are you’re always on the go. You care about wearing comfy (read: stretchy!) clothes so that you’re ready for anything life throws your way. You love that skinny jeans show off your curves AND go with everything you own. 

We could find you jet-setting at the airport, running errands around town, or having a picnic at the park.

Hudson Nico Mid Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans
Portia In Floral Super Stretch Skinny Jeans
Good American Raw Hem Skinny Jeans

As a bootcut jeans lover, you know how to work-hard AND play-hard. You keep coming back to bootcut jeans for their structure and fitted look, but love that they are loose on the bottom. You’re a boss at work and love having a schedule, but know the importance of balance. Your friends admire your ambition and love it when your fun side comes out!

We might spot you at happy hour after work, shopping (with a juice in hand, duh!), or at brunch with your girlfriends.

NYDJ Petite Barbara Tummy Control Bootcut Jeans
Gerard Darel Eliass Bootcut Jeans

If you find yourself reaching for wide-leg jeans, you’re probably the trendy one in your friend group. You’re always looking up the next big thing and are the first to let your friends and followers know. You have an artistic side that shines annnnnd you’re probably the designated photo taker for your friend group (they appreciate you BIG TIME!).

We can find you grabbing coffee at the new shop on the block, spending time at museums, or unwinding at a yoga class.

Veronica Beard Crosbie Wide Leg Jeans
Paige Leena High Waist Raw Hem Wide Leg Jeans
NYDJ Teresa Fray Hem Wide Leg Jeans

Looking for a way to make the whole jean shopping process WAY easier?

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